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Double print in 1876

Occasionally you find a stamp issue more fascinating than most, and the Swedish 20-on-20 øre issue strikes me as such a stamp. An event forgotten and rediscovered decades later, and a story that gives the taste of the problems facing the printing of stamps in the 1870s. The cut-out stamps to the left shows a pair sent from Malmø 23.10 1875, with a very pale 20…


The first swedish stamps

The first stamps in Sweden was officially available 1st of July 1855, in a series of five stamps ranging from 3 skilling to 24 skilling.  The standard cost of sending a letter within Sweden was set to 4 (fyra) skilling, after a hefty debate in the spring of 1855, and this stamp was issued in total of 6.6 million stamps, making fairly easy to collect even…


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